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our design philosophy

Structure? ...

In a website? ...

Seriously? ...

In a building...definitely.

And a bridge...of course. Who'd want to cross a bridge that wasn't structurally sound?

But a website, come on. What's it gonna do, fall on my head? And besides, there are plenty of pretty websites out there with shaky structure behind them and they work, don't they?

Well... that depends on your definition of work. Can someone stumble upon them without searching? Sure. Could you place an order if you found one? Most likely. And any site can be bookmarked, right? Ya. So what's the big deal?

The big deal is there are a lot of "Ifs" in that strategy; If someone stumbles upon it, If they remember to bookmark it, If they stick around long enough to place an order. How about a strategy that lessens the "If" factor? That's where structure comes in. Lean code that's quick to load and easy to search. A clearly defined hierarchy that puts your most important content where search engines want it. Now that's worth rungs on the search engine ladder.

In other words, structure makes Google happy, and when Google's happy, we're all happy.

Let us know how we can help structure your site to get the most out of your web presence.

- lhmg